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The LackToast Team is a dynamic ensemble of visionary creatives, each bringing a unique blend of expertise and passion to the table. With a shared commitment to pushing creative boundaries, our team is driven by innovation, meticulous craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of storytelling's transformative power. From scriptwriting and production to artistic direction and community engagement, every member of our team contributes an essential piece to the puzzle, united by our collective dedication to crafting exceptional media experiences and fostering a thriving creative ecosystem.

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Founder | Writer | Director | Producer

Meet Twilla Amin Tanyi, a creative powerhouse and talented producer who has achieved incredible success in her entertainment career. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she studied film and television production at Howard University and quickly rose through the ranks to become a casting director, production manager, writer, and developer. Her true passion lies in producing films, having already produced several shorts including an AFI Award-Winning picture. Ambitious and hardworking, Twilla is also an entrepreneur as co-owner of LackToast Entertainment and host of Copy That - a weekly podcast that dives into the secrets of breaking into the biz. With her remarkable work ethic, lofty standards, and quirky wit, it's no surprise why everyone loves Twilla!



Founder | Writer | Director | Producer

Dion Lack is a dynamic and multi-talented filmmaker from Dayton, Ohio. His journey as an artist started with standup comedy and quickly evolved into directing comedic sketches. Today, Dion is creating waves in the entertainment industry with his short film work and unique writing style. Not only does he have experience with multiple genres of writing - including stage plays and screenplays - but he also wrote the science-fiction novel “The Voyage of Truth” which may soon be adapted for the big screen. A co-owner of LackToast Entertainment, Dion continues to entertain us through his weekly podcast shows, making him a brilliant visionary with endless creativity.


At LackToast Entertainment, our team is a dynamic blend of seasoned experts and emerging creative talent. Together, we collaborate to elevate every aspect of our business, whether it's technical, marketing, or creative. We're especially proud to offer the services of our highly skilled audio mixer, ensuring top-notch quality for all your podcast needs.

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